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Derwent Valley Crafts

Greeting Cards

Dawn has lived and worked in this area for more than 40 years and has become well known for her artistic hobbies - cake decorating, paper tolling and card making.  Now retired from work, she has taken seriously to what she enjoys most.

Photography and Travelogue

The Beach Dweller is a widely travelled, multi talented creative spirit, now settled here in the best part of Tasmania.  His take on a trip around Australia became a popular blog which has been self published.  We have for sale some of the last available copies of the second edition.  The photographs give a careful view of some eye catching subjects.

Wood Sculpture by Mother Nature

Recording the struggle of life against the elements, each piece tells a unique story.  This is locally sourced natural timber with figuring and features which offer opportunity for your own creativity.  

Perhaps a garden planter, a nest box or an eye catching piece of nature for a modern courtyard,.

Maybe a base for floral art, or a plan for a special polishing project?

Bead Jewellery

Ange was originally from far away but has been living around the corner from us, next to the church here in Hamilton for more that 20 years.