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Local Jams, Chutney & Preserves

Summer and Autumn are the most productive seasons in the garden here.  In our climate there is limited variety of fresh food available in Winter, so we have developed a tradition of preserving.

We began making jams and sauces as soon as our commercial kitchen was finished and approved.  It was late December so we had raspberries and strawberries in the garden.  Raspberry and strawberry jam were the first items in our Delicatessen of derwent valley products.  Soon after there were mulberries, apricots and cherries to keep us busy. 

In our first weeks we were offering commercial sweet chilli sauce with our wedges and hotdogs, then we realised that we could replace that with a local product (per our policy) using our own apricots and some local chillies.  Then we began experimenting with mulberries and chillies in a sauce; the powerful fruity flavour of the mulberries with heat from the chillies makes an amazing sauce - this has become one of the signature products in our deli and an excellent example of how vertical integration works in our garden to plate/local products business.

We pick kilo upon kilo of luscious mulberries from our big old tree which is about 50 metres from the centre of our emporium ... then we sell punnets of the fresh fruit from the display fridge, mulberries included in ‘berries and cream’ to eat at the a table, real fruit home made mulberry ice-cream to eat here or take away, mulberry jam on pancakes and scones, mulberry chilli sauce on hotdogs and wedges, plus jars of jam and bottles of sauce on the shelf.