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Derwent Valley Essential Oils

The fabulous farm land of Tasmania’s Derwent valley supports a world class essential oil industry. 

A number of different crops are grown around the valley and trucked to a steam distillation plant just outside Hamilton.  A repurposed train boiler powered by local fire-wood pumps steam through a bin of the plant material - driving off the liquids.  Water and oil are separated during condensation.

Most of the production goes straight overseas, but since we have set our business to showcase local production we have bought stock and packaged it for sale locally.

Peppermint does best on deep soil with plenty of water ... but humidity leads to mould and disease in the crop, so with irrigation on river flats our dry sunny Summers produce high quality mint.

There are hundreds of different varieties of mint, several commonly known as ‘peppermint’ .  The variety grown here, Mentha Piperita, is sought after as a quality food flavouring (for after dinner mints).

Most of our customers buy peppermint oil for massage and aroma therapy and it is excellent for that ... but actually it is world class food flavouring.

Derwent valley lavendar oil is from a special cultivar of Augustifolia Lavandula.  This plant does not produce as much oil per hectare as regular lavendar, but is sought after as a base for quality perfume because it maintains the same notes each year despite weather variations.  This special property enables top perfumiers to reliably produce their quality products without having to adjust formulae for changes in the base.

Fennel Oil produces a valuable aniseed flavour sold to international producers of pernod and ouso .  Aniseed occurs together with a mix of other flavours in a number of plants; which can be more or less suited to particular uses.  Cooking and sugar in confectionary easily mask poor quality aniseed - on the other hand, subtle nuances are more obvious in spirit drinks.